Our Service


We are currently ICT facilitators for over 122 corporate outfits including schools, churches, industries, companies, associations and merchant outlets. We take pride in the durability of our proprietary applications, products and services which we consistently improve to suit the shifting needs of our clients. In a nutshell our services include: website development and management, CCTV installations, Office system networking, Internet facility provision, database automation services, portal deployment and management services, intercom and fibre-optic communication systems, automated fee processing systems, venture management softwares, corporate staff trainings, In-session mandatory short courses for students and staff, biometric reader installations and other related services..

Web Development

We create and outstanding ,high performing and secure website focusing largely on delivering unique proffesional and budget friendly services. Cadright has the expertise and experience to ensure that your project goals are met.

Software Development

Providing cutting-edge engineering solution for corporate outfit. In custom software development, we are recognised and reputed for including mission critical architecture in design and development of enterprise system for companies / firms

App development

We have a team of knowledged mobile developers that can implement Applications for devices of varying complexities. Our app solutions are built to function seamlessly on various devices and OS even older ones.

Consultancy services

We focus on our clients most critical issues, providing strategies , marketting/organizational structure to solve complex problems and spark innovation with small cross-functional team


We organize ICT trainings and worshops for students, cooperate bodies and NGOs. We coach our clients to advanced and expert levels

Digital Marketing

Applying some web marketing Services such as SEO(Search engine Optimization),PPC(Pay Per Click), Social media Advertising,Afiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, can expand your business and ensure tremendeous accomplishment in your Industry.

Custom Quotation

You can state the services you waSnt us to render to you and we would get back to you with our quatation.

Frequently Ask Question

Questions clients regulary ask us. we have the answers here for you

Why Cadright?

Pulling together resource consultants from over 9 countries, we are undisputably your best choice for web development

What is the total budget?

This depends on the specific service you want us to render to you.

Does your organization manage Websites ?

Yes Cadright manages websites created by us and those created by others at a reasonable charge.