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Hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants, resorts etc all come under our tourism genre. We strive to deliver web development services that strategically adresses industry requirements for each client in a unique manner. Hence no two tourism destinations have similar websites.

After our first visit to your facility, you have the opportunity to see a free demo of your business website before entering a formal contract with us.

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Standard Hotel

  • Discoverable to all search engines on the web.
  • Display of your various room categories and prices
  • Guests can follow your News  by E-mail 
  • Event videos and presentations can be watched online  
  • Guest commenting, like, and share info on your site to social media
  • Display of contact details and advice. 
  • Site search engine on the home page. 
  • Payment platform for Room booking
  • FREE!!! printing of the new web address on your existing signpost 
  • Full Search Engine Optimization


  • All as in Standard Hotel site plus :
  • Automatic update of Room status i.e whether available or booked 
  • A separate payment channel for each room
  • Custom Auto-Response contact message for visitors and for Payments. 
  • Newsletter of your up-coming events, promos, and discounts will be sent to guests 
  • Third- party editing privilege for your site 
  • FREE!!! Computer training for your I.T staff 
  • Targeted social media advertising.

Classic Tourist

  • All as in Standard and Easy-Booker categories plus :
  • Private log in for guests or staff to access private or premium services and offers. 
  • Fully responsive and interactive online application that allows guests To carry your hotel along with them everywhere they go.
  • Guests can log-in and make updates on their own profile as a member of the site.

  • FREE!!! ICT and Business Ethics Training for entire staff of the Hotel

We Believe; in a future where every business enjoys equal playing field on the internet space
-  Bishop Hall

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